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Aug 29, 2009 5:00pm EDT
, or you can be this other kind of alien species in l.a. who is the book writer. [laughter] and you get kind of lo that balefully by these people who are earning a gazillion times more money then you are. and his sort of say, oh well, i guess you write too. [laughter] >> then you become the book writer who writes books about los angeles or not exclushvely but a number of your books have been about los angeles. so, i guess i am interested in sort of, you tch on it in the last chapter of this book which is a personal note for you contextualized what this story means for ou, and talk about your early experiences of l.a., some of which i think are coming out in l.a. without a map and sort of how you kind of got almo seduced ainst you will buy los angeles. i wonder if you can talk a little bit about the mysterious allure of the city. >> right, my wife and i have lid here now for 18 years and our kids were born in santa monica, so they are from los angeles. i have never been quite able to explain to myself what the nature of my connection to the place is, which is why i think i have gone on w
Aug 5, 2009 4:30am EDT
in a strip mall southwest of pittsburgh. we have the story. >>> the l.a. fitness center was packed with as many as 70 people when the trouble began. >> it sounded like someone was hitting a rack et ball. just echoing really loud in that room. everybody ditched and ran as fast as they could. that's all i heard. bang, bang, bang. >> reporter: witnesses say the gunman casually walked into the gym dressed in exercise clothes, strolled to the back of an aerobics class, took out two guns and opened fire. >> he did not say anything. he walked right to the rooms where the shootings occurred as if he knew exactly where he was going and pulled the guns out and started shooting. >> reporter: there was chaos. those who could, ran. >> everybody was running out of the men's locker room. i seen a girl laying down right outside the locker room. me and a couple of other guys carried her over here. she was laying down. >> reporter: two women died at the scene. another died at the hospital. the gunman apparently took his own life. law enforcement officials don't have a motive. one man helped a victim
Aug 13, 2009 2:00pm EDT
of l.a. i think we have those pictures right now. a person suspected making threats against the white house led police on a chase in the westchester area in l.a. and is hold up inside a car near the west wood federal building. >> there's a stand-off and they've evacuated a nearby apartment building. you can see a very small part of the scene, but there are at least four police cruisers blocking the volkswagen in place. >> l.a. times reported the person was under investigation for making unspecified threats against the white house. we'll take a quick break and be right back. just a good paying job. that's why i like this clean energy idea. now that works for our whole family. for the kids, a better environment. for my wife, who commutes, no more gettin' jerked around on gas prices... and for me, well, it wouldn't be so bad if this breadwinner brought home a little more bread. repower america. i hope our senators are listening. you could buy 300 bottles of water. or just one brita filter. ( drop plinks ) brita-- better for the environment and your wallet. >>> okay, you're looking live a
Aug 26, 2009 8:30am EDT
[captioning made possible by kcet public television] >> good evening from l.a. first, a conversation with reba mcentire. she is out with a new cd, "keep on loving you" and also one of the best-selling fiction authors, dean koontz, who is out with three new books including a menoir, "a big little life". >> there are so many things wal- mart is looking for to doing, like helping people live better. but we are looking forward to helping people build better communities and relationships. >> nationwide insurance proudly supports tavis smiley. tavis and nationwide insurance, working to promote financial literacy and the power that comes with it. >> an by contra purist -- contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. >> welcome reba mcentire to the program. she had the most to 10 hits by a female artist in the history of the country music charts. the new cd is "keep on loving you" and here is the sing,e "strange -- single, "strange." ♪ i cried myself to sleep, thinking i can't get over him strange, talk about love strange, i aught to be -- ought to be
Aug 5, 2009 8:30am EDT
at the hollywood bowl on father's day here in l.a. his latest c.d. is called "day by day." femi, nice to have you on the program. are you doing all right? >> yes. >> how are things in lagos? >> the government is still spending the oil money like it's their personal property and all that. tavis: how difficult is it to -- i want to ask a two-part question here. how difficult is it to live under those conditions, especially for you, because you travel around the world, you're regarded and loved around the world. you could live anywhere else around the world. you're a countryman and live under these conditions and you support them and do what you can for them. but how difficult a challenge is that for you, when you could be living here in l.a., for example? >> these days it's quite a big challenge because of the opportunities that i have to stay somewhere in l.a. and all that. my work will be easier. i would be able to work with great musicians around the world. in lagos and nigeria, it's very difficult. the conditions, with no electricity, the poverty level. everybody keeps asking for money. you hav
Aug 24, 2009 8:30am EDT
? why l.a.? >> well, we've actually done 566 of these operations before we came to l.a. and we only go where we're invited and so an invitation came from some folks in los angeles, mr. jerry moss, as a matter of fact, who said, you know, i saw the piece on "60 minutes" and we need the help out here, would you consider bringing the team? so we put it on the schedule and we're privileged to be here and offer some help. tavis: so you were in englewood, for those who were sports fans, they were set up in the parking lot of what's known as the farm where the lakers used to play when mag and -- -- magic and worthy and cooper were winning those championships at the farm. so you set up at the farm in ingelwood outside of l.a. and what happened when the door, so to speak, opened up? >> well, we spent the whole day lafert monday setting up all the equipment, 100 dental chairs and 20 lanes of eye exam equipment and facilities for general medical treatment and our mobile vehicles for making eyeglasses on the spot and that night we handed out 1,500 numbers. and of course there were more than 1,500
Aug 28, 2009 4:30am EDT
to evacuate. >> right now we have three helicopters from l.a. county and one from l.a. city just as a normal response would be. so they're doing an extremely good job in assisting in the fire and knocking out the fire, but most of the work, of course, is going to be done by hand crews, and we do have engines in areas providing structure protection. >>> and north of downtown l.a. residents of another 500 homes were told to evacuate when a fire kicked up overnight. >>> this morning tropical storm danny is starting to make an impression on the atlantic coast. a tropical storm watch is in effect for the north carolina shore. danny has sustained winds of 45 miles per hour but may strengthen as it heads north. large swels and dangerous rip currents are expected up and down the coast. >>> two american soldiers were killed this morning by a roadside bombing in iraq. it happened in eastern baghdad while the americans were on patrol with the iraqi troops. the soldiers based at ft. hood, texas, have not been identified. more than 4,000 have been killed in tie rack war. >>> asian markets headed both way
Aug 30, 2009 6:00pm EDT
four titles before our cameras from jack's event to washington, flint and akron. phil loved l.a. and then felt the love of the entire golf community at colonial with the pink out saturday in honor of amy. another moment, private first class being escorted up the 18th on sunday. just beautiful. this was our world from january to today. we treasured the views from our office windows and we loved every minute of bringing them to you. the cbs golf team will meet again five months time. at torrey pines. liberty national debuting in such a big way. it will not be the site of this event next year. they declared that they are going to rotate it around the new york metropolitan area and plainfield will be the site. it is rich in history. ridgewood also the next couple of years. going to ridgewood again. that will be next up in the lineup. and the winner signature, something very much desired right now. well, the barclays leading off the playoff for the fedex cup. next week it is on to the playoff's second leg. then the t.p.c. at boston and the b.m.w. championship and the tour championshi
Aug 31, 2009 4:30am EDT
and other towns north of l.a. patty kaufman has the latest. >> reporter: it's an inferno, trup he will digit temperatures and dry brush that goes up like kindling. >> we would just ask if we tell to you leave, when we say that, we tell to you leave, you leave. because your life is in danger. it's very important that you understand that. >> reporter: as vacation cabins incinerat incinerated, authorities rushed to evacuate thousands of homes. >> this is a mandatory evacuation order. >> we just have to pray for the best. >> reporter: flames crawling uphill sides with million dollar homes above. as always, there were holdouts. >> we decided it stay. >> reporter: john boir was trying to protect his home with a garden hose. >> i'm here for the last stand making sure that the house that my dad, my brr and i built didn't did you tell burnt town. 24rr9 through the day, evacuation centers filled with people and pets. jane armstrong brought her family pictures and her pups, benny and rosy. >> the cats i was able to find a place for. these guys kind of have to stay with me. >> reporter: though there are
Aug 5, 2009 6:30am EDT
ling and euna lee and the three then jumped on a plane back to l.a. let's go there live. we have our camera posted here. this is at the burbank airport. they are not going to lax, they are going to burbank just north of l.a. now. we hear that it's going to be any time between now and what, 8:30 this morning? sabrina? about 8:45? any time between 6:45 and 8:30 is when they are expected to land. we'll have full coverage here on abc2. >>> back here in maryland now. there was a theft in a montgomery county saks fifth avenue and police have pictures of the suspect, but one problem. police can't figure out if it's a he or a she. you take a look. they say the suspect grabbed a chanel dress worth about $2,400. somehow the suspect got the security tags off and then took off. they are hoping to get these images out and not only help them make an arrest but also determine if it's a man or woman. >>> governor martin o'malley getting on board with baltimore's controversial red line/light rail project. the red line calls for a 14-mile track to run east-to-west from johns hopkins bayview to woodlaw
Aug 19, 2009 10:00pm EDT
a three-foot suitcase. >> straight out to john beard at knx 1070 joining us from l.a. john, who is this woman and who is this reality tv star they're looking for in connection with her murder? >> well, jasmine fiore is 28 years old -- was 28 years old. she was an aspiring model for a time. she moved to l.a. to open a personal training business. she apparently move there with this man. she was roommates with him and another woman. she went down to san diego, apparently for a poker tournament or some kind of poker game, police aren't sure. and she ended up dead in that dumpster, in that suitcase on saturday morning. >> exactly what kind of a model was she? >> well, we understand she did some modeling for some las vegas hotels. she also did some stuff for howard stern. her mom said that she stopped doing that some time ago. so she was trying to get started down in l.a. as a real estate agent. we understand she got her license and also the personal training business. >> straight out to the lines, everybody. to beverly in new york. hi, beverly. >> caller: hi, nancy. i was just wonder
Aug 24, 2009 8:00pm EDT
>>> wraeking news tonight. live to l.a. a quiet apartment community reeling after a suitcase discovered in a community dumpster opened to reveal a female body. the mystery goes unsolved for days and how she came to be murdered. thrown away like trash. the body inside that suitcase, jasmine fiore brutally beaten. her teeth pulled out of her head. her fingers removed to conceal identity. how i.d. the body? serial numbers off fiore's breast implants. her body that traumatized. bombshell tonight. a reality tv star wanted for the murder found dead in a british columbia hotel room. 32-year-old ryan jenkins luxury bmw and empty boat trailer found abandoned on the u.s./canadian border. jenkins dead hanging by a belt from this coat rack inside this hotel room. jenkins traveled with an alleged accomplice. a mystery blonde driving a silver pt cruiser. she checked him into the hotel while he stays hidden. where is fiore's missing white mercedes? investigators say it could be the key to a possible murder scene. jenkins' family adamantly swears their son didn't do it. then who did? and ton
Aug 25, 2009 12:00am EDT
a single now, unidentified law enforcement official as saying that the l.a. county coroner has ruled michael jackson's death a homicide. when cnn asked the coroner's office about this report, the response was no comment. the spokesman for the lapd told cnn the story did not come from that department. so what is the story, randi? >> the story is it appears michael jackson had a real cocktail of drugs in the hours before his death. according to the search warrant and the affidavit we got today from houston, 1:30 in the morning, dr. conrad murray, his personal physician, gave him 10 milligrams of valium. he thought he was addicted to propofol, the very powerful sedative, as you know, really just supposed to be used in the hospital. he was trying to wean him off it. he gave him valium first. at 2:00 a.m., half an hour later, he gave him 2 milligrams of the antianxiety drug, ativan. at 3:00 a.m., tried to give him another sedative called versed. at 5:00 a.m., more ativan, another 2 milligrams. at 7:30 a.m., another 2 milligrams of the versed. also monitoring his oxygen levels at that time
Aug 5, 2009 5:00pm EDT
dance class, turns off the lights, doesn't say a word and starts firing. this happened at an l.a. fitness just outside of pittsburgh last night. three women in that class were shot and killed. nine others were hurt. that before the gunman killed himself. police say the man has been identified as george sed -- sodini. he was on a mission, hell-bent on shooting people. brought four handguns in a gym bag. left notes inside, talking about his hatred for women. he had blogged about his loneliness, rejection, growing rage. want to hear from you on this story, call in, 1-877-tell-hln is the number. we want to start with jordan solomon. she witnessed the shooting. was in the class when it happened. and thankfully she's okay. jordan, we're so glad that you were able to get out alive. tell us what happened last night. >> well, i went to the classroom, and i just thought i was going to go for my first latin impact class. and i was sitting towards the back, or standing actually towards the back towards the door, and about 15 minutes into the class, a man walked in, looked like he was ready t
Aug 30, 2009 6:00pm EDT
-- covers the l.a. as wildfires continued to rage -- covers l.a. and least 6600 families have evacuated already. -- at least 6600 families have evacuate. >> we are in the process on the back of that -- it was not as much at of a heatwave as it was a humidity way. -- it was not as much of a heat wave. maybe some sprinkles coming out of the mountains. a few sprinkles up in pennsylvania, a little thunder shower activity around cape hatteras, and that is it. let's take a look at what happened during the day today. 82 of the airport, 84 at the inner harbor, morning lows in the 70's, and there was some leftover rain from last evening. that was all before daybreak. the typical high is 83. the big thing is the humidity. temperatures around 80 now. just a little cooler out there. would those dew point temperatures, it is human. -- with those dew point temperatures, it is humid. 52 in frederick, 49 in hagerstown. there is that drier air filtering in. that translates into a comparable. here is a satellite picture. a few clouds down to the west. if there is a sprinkle out of that, we are lucky. cap
Aug 31, 2009 6:00am EDT
. morning, sunshine. monster fire in l.a. county has turned deadly and thousands of people are forced to evacuate as it spreads. >>> police link a second crime scene to a man accused of kidnapping a woman when she was 11, and new details of e-mails she wrote while captive. >>> plus -- >> my social security number ended up on the form and half my paycheck gone. >> for real. a teenager's paycheck is being garnished to support a child that he supposedly fathered when he would have been 6 years old? come on now. >>> wildfire in l.a. is spreading quickly. firefighters don't know when they'll have it under control. the station fire is just 5% contained. that's all. ash is raining all over the city and fire officials are warning that air quality is bordering on hazardous in some places. the flames right now are threatening 10,000 home. >> get my kids out. get my babies out of there, and get what we can get, and start losing everything again, like a year and a half ago. i mean, you know, it's just a nightmare. >> that fire has become deadly. two firefighters were killed yesterday when their v
Aug 21, 2009 10:00pm EDT
>>> breaking news tonight. live to l.a., a quiet apartment community reeling after a dumpster is opened to reveal a female body. the mystery as to the identity goes unsolved for days. how she came to be murdered and thrown away like trash. we confirmed the body folded inside that suitcase is 28-year-old swim suit model jasmine fiore. tonight, the murder turned even more heinous. brutally beaten, her teeth pulled out of her head, her fingers removed to conceal identity. how i.d. the body? serial numbers on her breast implants. her body that traumatized. and in a bizarre twist, a reality tv star wanted in connection for the murder. bombshell tonight. while california investigators announce an arrest warrant for ryan jenkins, his luxury bmw and boat trailer found abandoned on the u.s.-canadian border. in another stunning development, jenkins takes the coast guard on a high-speed chase. escaping the u.s. by speed boat. we uncover jenkins' history of violence, a pattern of abusing women. with each passing hour, we piece together a time line leading up to the murder. a stunning phot
Aug 4, 2009 12:00am EDT
chance to see the world's largest military force at work. china's people's liberation army, the p.l.a., with this special training demonstration for foreign journalists and although it didn't look like it, this was part of a charm offensive. the chinese army's trying to open up. making itself more transparent at home and abroad. but these recruits, in no doubt, it is their duty to their country that comes first. >> translator: the soldier's duty is to win all battles. if one day our motherland is attacked. once we receive order, i fight to the death. >> translator: we cannot let china to be divided. if that happens, we will take orders from the party to do what needs to be done. >> reporter: still for the senior commanders and their advisers the days of the cold war freeze are long gone. china may have relied on manpower in the past, but today's modern army needs to win hearts and minds. from august the 1st, the people's liberation army is going online. >> translator: this is the era of the internet. and a website can grab more people's attention. by opening a website about the milita
Aug 24, 2009 4:00pm EDT
given michael jackson valium. he according to this report feared, this is from the "l.a. times" feared michael jackson was becoming addicted but also admitted that he gave michael jackson the sedative. he left the room to call his houston office and family members and returned to see michael jackson unconscious, but right now the associated press saying that law enforcement officials are ruling michael jackson's death a homicide. and this is big news because obviously that means charges here, david. >> absolutely. it puts so much pressure when the coroner is saying this was a homicide. even though dr. murray was saying, look, i was giving levels i thought he could handle. when you have officials saying these were lethal doses and you have the coroner saying it was homicide that michael jackson would not have died otherwise, it becomes one of these things that almost makes it inevitable now that conrad murray will be charged and he will have to make his defense in front of a court, in front of perhaps a homicide trial. >> we have courtney hazlett. she's been on top of this story coverin
Aug 5, 2009 3:05am EDT
. a deadly shooting spree inside an l.a. fitness gym outside pittsburgh. >> victims come running in covered in blood. >> then two american journalists pardoned in north korea are now on their way back to the united states. >> and movie trailer. the oscar-winning actress gives movie-goers a different kind of experience. >> cinema is for everybody and everywhere. >> it's wednesday, august 5th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> kind of an interesting story. if you can't go to the theater, the theater comes to you. good morning, i'm jeremy hubbard. >> i'm vinita nair. we are following two major breaking stories this morning. former president clinton is on his way home with the two freed american journalists. but first there has been a deadly shooting inside a health club in suburban pittsburgh. >> three women are dead after a gunman walked into a crowded aerobics class, turned off lights and opened fire. the shooter then killed himself. witnesses say it may have been a romantic relationship gone terribly bad. >> the victims come running in covered in blood, he's going t
Aug 18, 2009 12:35am EDT
resume. her new book "l.a. candy." let me get it over here. "l.a. candy," it's in stores now. ladies and gentlemen, please welcome lauren conrad, everybody. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: very beautiful. thanks for coming on the show. i'm a big fan of yours. >> thank you. >> jimmy: you're all finished with "the hills." >> i'm all done. >> jimmy: it's done. it's over. it's finished. are you happy to be done with it? >> very. >> jimmy: you are. just had enough, right? how many seasons? six or five? >> we did five, but also i did two of "laguna beach." >> jimmy: oh, my gosh, seven years. when did you start? >> no, no, it was five years. >> jimmy: five years total. >> yeah. >> jimmy: okay, and then three at "the hills." [ laughter ] >> well, no, it was seven -- >> jimmy: we started doing heavy math problems. >> seven seasons over five years. >> jimmy: seven seasons over five years. >> yes. >> jimmy: all right, my gosh. and when did you start? >> i was 17 when they casted me. >> jimmy: oh, my gosh. crazy. i mean -- it's insane. what's become has became -- i mean, gosh, everything.
Aug 24, 2009 7:00pm EDT
who is helping the president tonight? >>> the associated press is reporting that the l.a. county coroner has ruled michael jackson's death a homicide. the news could mean criminal charges for jackson's personal doctor, dr. conrad murray. murray was in the house with jackson when he died. there are also more details contained in a search warrant, and court documents unsealed today. we have complete coverage tonight with randy in los angeles, and senior legal analyst jeffrey tubin in new york. first randy with the very latest. randy, what can you tell us? >> i know you mentioned the report by the associated press saying the death has been ruled a homicide. i do want to point out when it comes to the coroner's ruling of a homicide, it could have a very different meaning. it has a much larger meaning. it could be reckless manslaughter, negligent homicide, there are all kinds of things there. the associated press is quoting a single source there. we have called the l.a.p.d. they said that that information was not coming from them. we also called the coroner's office here in l.a. count
FOX News
Aug 8, 2009 1:00am EDT
for survival was here in death valley. some 200 miles east of l.a., temperatures regularly soared to 115 degrees in summer. it was in this surreal landscape that manson claimed they would find a bottomless pit. >> somehow, some way, charlie was convinced that they were going to find this gateway, this hole in the ground, and it was going to be some kind of paradise. greta: back at spahn ranch, manson convinced his followers that "helter skelter" was coming down fast. manson's control over the family had become mind boggling. >> manson was the dictatorial ruler of the family. the king. the maraja. everyone was slavishly obedient to him. greta: with l.s.d. trips and his preaching had convinced family members that manson was the second coming of christ. >> he controlled them with drugs. he controlled them with group sex. >> you have all these kids and couples having sex. and then at a given moment, would he say change partners. >> he was a master of making people follow him. >> he asked saidy, go down to argentina and fet a coconut for me -- and get a coconut for me. and if i know sadie, sh
Aug 27, 2009 6:00am EDT
and gunfire. more than 60,000 u.s. troops are now in afghanistan. >>> l.a. police say former model jasmine fee yorery may have been killed in her car. they found her mercedes benz in a parking lot yesterday, and now they're checking it out for clues. meanwhile police in canada are searching for the car driven by a woman who dropped off fiore's husband at a hotel before he killed himself. police might have a lead. >> we have what you could call circumstantial evidence. we know -- we know for a fact that ryan's father, dan jenkins here in calgary, owned a silver p.t. cruiser which matched the description of one found outside a hotel in british columbia. we know a vehicle similar to that one is now 700 miles to the west of us in vancouver, british columbia, parked in the building where ryan's half sister helena now lives. >> they say they cannot file charges against a woman who drove him to the hotel unless she had proof that she knew he was want jood there is a swine flu spike at some colleges. 12 were confirmed with the h1n1 virus and the university of georgia says it has about 60 suspected flu
Aug 25, 2009 1:00am EDT
from the district attorney here in l.a. they have not received the case yet to even consider charges. that's how the process works. the lapd gives them the case to determine what, if any, charges will be filed and that hasn't even happened yet. dr. murray's attorney has read the affidavit. and he released a statement a short time ago calling much of the search warrant affidavit police theory, that's his quote. he said the timeline reported by law enforcement was not obtained through interviews with dr. murray as was implied by the affidavit. dr. murray simply never told investigators he found michael jackson at 11:00 a.m. not breathing. the statement also says he never said he waited a mere ten minutes before leaving to make several phone calls. in fact, dr. murray never said he left michael jackson's room to make phone calls at all. the statement also said they would address the report and the cause of death when the coroner officially releases the report. this was the preliminary report, we're still waiting on the final report. >> so is the family responding to all of this? >> they
Aug 26, 2009 12:00am EDT
: you weren't scared? >> had three birthday paies, in l.a. and oklahoma and naville, and ielebrated for thoseho woul't ma it. >> is it different in.a.? you get the riv band to pl for you. [laughter] tas: you brin the country- stern to l.a. i was saying before we came on the air, i love good country music to my ear, and tho four catories, an artist will give you the impssion not that they grew up on an 8000 ae ranch. you don't give that image. i don't think your upbringing was typical when we tink country-wesrn. >> i did gow up on a wking cattle ranchnd moth and daddy and suzy and myself,four kids. we we theired hands andgot room and board. but we had agreat time. daddy was a roo cowboy and w the world championship, 57, 58, 61 we would rodeo and three o us rodeoed, alice was the runner , and iodeoed forbout years. tavis: were you good? >> no. tavis:hy 10 years? >> it was fun. you could travel and hang out with your budes. daddy would say, why doou wan to do sething you ca'aren't good . he wanted me to sing. it came togethern 1974 whe i sang at the national final rodeo. a friend took
Aug 27, 2009 12:30am EDT
and obert. until nex time, good night from l.a.. -- until nt timegood night from l.a. as always, keep the fah. >> ahe said many times, from those he sal and those who touched him, some men seehings as the art and it sawhy? i dream things that ver were and say, why not? -- some men see things as they a and say why? i dream things that ver were in say, why t? -- and say, why not >> fomore information on today's ow, visit tavis smiley on tavis: hello, i am tavis sley. join me nex time for our conversatn with a that c.e.o. ron williams andhis take on t currentealth care date -- join me next time for our conversation with aetna c.e.o. ron williams and hitake on the current health care debate. >> there a so many things that wal-mart is looking forrd to doing, like helping pele live hild om', e're helping build stronger communities and relationships. because with your helpthe best is yet tcome. >> nationwe insurance proudly supports "tavis smiley." tavis and natnwide, workg togetr to improve financi literacand theconomic emperment that comes with it. >> ♪ nationwide is on your sid
Aug 18, 2009 11:00pm EDT
of his death. federal agents and l.a. detectives have questioned him and searched his offices in houston and las vegas. they also asked him about the use of the powerful sedative propofol on the morning of jackson's death. he released the video to say thank-you to supporters. >> your messages had given me strength and courage. >> the los angeles times reports it may still be weeks before it completed toxicology report is released. they are waiting until l.a. county prosecutors have completed their investigation. it has spent nearly t monthwo since his death. the family -- two months since his death. the family says he will be buried on august 29 which would of been his 51st birthday. wbal tv 11 news. >> erupt afternoon as far as thunderstorms are concerned. -- a rough afternoon as far as thunderstorms are concerned. these are pictures of a spectacular lightning bolt. this is the most dangerous part of thunderstorm activity. lightning is a very serious problem. even garden variety. if you hear thunder, ducked for cover. that is the general. these pictures were taken over the harbor. here
Aug 31, 2009 4:30am EDT
unfortunately will be tough to fight. the temperatures are warm in l.a. it's going to be difficult. we saw 100-degree temperatures into the weekend. this morning the low is only 75. so the firefighters aren't getting a break during the evening hours. today the high will be 91 degrees. no rain in the forecast and no cool weather either. the cool weather, that's up here from the great lakes into new england. when you wake up this morning you feel a big difference in the air mass. it's really changed. dewpoints have dropped significantly. it feels like fall out there from atlanta northward up through boston, new york, detroit, cleveland, pittsburgh, buffalo, syracuse. some areas may want a light jacket. on top of that, we have a little bit of light rain over the carolinas and southern virginia. anywhere from danville to raleigh, charlotte, light shower activity. virginia beach is getting a little drerchinching "early tod" 69 and showers today in charlotte. that's a look at your national forecast. now here's a look at the weather outside your window. even with sunshine today, the high will only be
Aug 19, 2009 4:30am EDT
for a key presidential election. >>> model mflt. a swim suit model murdered in l.a. police hunt a reality show contestant for questioning. >>> and he's back again. brett favre unretires for the second time to quarterback the vikings. captioning funded by cbs >>> this is the cbs "morning news" for wednesday, august 19th, 2009. >>> good morning. thanks for joining us. afghanistan's government is shutting down the country's media outlets this morning, hoping to blunt the impact of violence heading into tomorrow's presidential election. susan roberts is in washington with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. the taliban is vowing to disrupt the vote. the scare tactics and violence, they're hoping to use this. the militant groups out in full force thoepg key the voters away from the polls tomorrow. a group of armed gunmen raided a building in the heart of afghanistan this morning. the taliban says it was part of an election eve attack. police are calling it a robbery gone bad. despite beefed up security in and around afghanistan's capital, the taliban has unleashed a wav
Aug 4, 2009 11:00pm EDT
clinton and the two journalists will arrive wednesday morning in l.a. for what will likely be an emotional trip home. >> thank you, jay. it will be an emotional moment and we'll have coverage for you. they are expected to land tomorrow morning and we'll have complete coverage on good morning, washington. right now we're following two breaking stories the first where park pice shot down part of the shut dn part of the stru k a struck and k a 9:15e ccutair circumstancesur sunrongding th the crash investigation. 450 but it's best to avoid the area altogether right now. the other breaking story is from pittsburgh at least 10 people have been shot, four killed at a shooting inside an l.a. fitness center. the gunman came in and through the ba door and started shooting for apparently no reason and the gunman is among the dead. also concerns of crime taking place center stage as this evening marks the national night out as d.c. police say violent kime is down. 4% four percentage points. john gonzalez is lye outside metro police headquarters. he's got more on crime fighting efforts. jon? >> well, a
Aug 5, 2009 12:00pm EDT
an aerobics class at l.a. fitness in bridgeville, pennsylvania. there were about 30 women in sight. he turned out the lights and opened fire. >> i could see flashes in the dark. as when i realized that someone was actually using a firearm. >> four people are dead, including the gunman. 10 are wounded and three a viit the victims were women. the robust instrucr towh waso r pregnant was also wounded. he plotted the attack a long ti a he wrote that he planned to do this in the summer but stuck around to see the election outcome. his of his third entry include a date of death. he rode," last time i tried this, i chickened out." he complained about not having a girlfriend. >> they told everybody to get on the ground. everybody is scrambling over each other to get out. >> police said bullet casings indicate that he walked around the room firing indiscriminately. early evidence suggests he used one hand and it should the victims and another handgun to shoot himself. he was a member at l.a. fitness and growth that workouts at the gym helped with his unhappiness. >>> u.s. park police are trying to fig
Aug 31, 2009 12:00pm EDT
in the hills north of l.a. the ball as thick smoke makes it difficult to see flames below. drybrush and a sweltering temperatures on the ground. >> this is serious situation that we have witnessed today. the weather and the fumes and the typography dictating the firefighting actions. >> the firefighters burned all about mount wilson, communication central for the l.a. area, not only for emergency conditions towers, or for television, radio, and cellphone facilities. more than 40,000 acres have already burned and thousands were forced to evacuate. >> police telling us to evacuate immediately. >> some residents did what they could to protect their homes. >> i feel very uneasy but it is a lot of emotion. >> some who stayed behind have been injured, and that has led california gov. arnold schwarzenegger to warn -- >> we will not tell you to evacuate if it is not necessary. >> back here for montgomery county teenagers facing a bail review todaytlool fwing friday's the 16- and 1year-neof cadetelissas th feyond. as they fled. de cpues ttilesehahem i go ntmese c montgomeryhe t when y ed whe
Aug 6, 2009 8:30am EDT
. tavis: you killed it that night. >> l.a. was so encouraging. i felt like i had all the cheerleaders in the house that night. tavis: what does it feel like to be gone by your own choice off the stage for as long as you decided? eight years? >> at this point. tavis: 7 and half years you're off the scene, and you announce that you're coming back just for a few dates, and the tickets sell out just like that, in minutes. you get on stage and people go buck wild crazy. that feels like what? >> i think it has to do with the bar that is in the -- no. it is exhilarating. i would be lying if i told you i did not feel like, wow. at the same time, it is very humbling because it is such a blessing. careers end and begin, they have ended and begun or vice versa in my time away. to even have any interest and any consideration whatsoever, it just gives me the sense of security in my work and work that i do with my musicians, my band, david who is just a brilliant collaborator, a longtime collaborator. we all as a team -- it is not just me. i did not want people to believe any way -- i am the face o
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